Lizzie Borden’s Former “Maplecroft” Home for Sale for $890K

It’s pretty spooky knowing you could be living right next door to Lizzie Borden’s former home – and it’s even spookier now knowing you could potentially live in it! Although this isn’t the home where Lizzie Borden is thought to have committed the brutal axe murders of her parents, it is the home where she spent her final days after her acquittal.

The extremely public trial of Borden led to an ostracization of her by her hometown of Fall River, Massachusetts – the city of which this listing resides. Borden, who went by “Lizbeth” after the death of her parents, moved into this home with her sister post-trial. Here, along with live-in maids and butlers, Borden and her sister lived together for 12 years until her sister moved out, never to speak to each other again.

lizzie borden home exteriorlizzie borden home exterior

Now, the nearly 4,000-square-foot home resides in the heart of the historical district in Fall River. It includes seven bedrooms and four bathrooms, along with six fireplaces and beautifully stained glass dawning the window frames. Staged to its timeframe, the home is listed at $890,000 and offered to the potential buyers fully furnished.

front porchfront porch

The Queen Anne-style home is painted in muted tones of green and beige while the inside features rich shades of walnut and mahogany woodwork. Although floral wallpaper lines each room, the busy patterns are well kept and add a layer of historical charm to the once-notorious home.

lizzie borden homelizzie borden home
lizzie borden home maplecroft lizzie borden home maplecroft

Appliances in the kitchen capture the century during which this home was built, with a modern essence owing to the current home trends we’re seeing in 2021. The large farmhouse-style kitchen sink provides plenty of dish space for even the most avid chef, while the dining and sitting rooms provide charm for homeowners who love to entertain.


For a full tour of this infamously-owned home, you can view the listing right here on If you’re looking for resources on how to buy the home (we won’t judge, it’s beautiful!) our How To section will walk you through the entire buying process, step-by-step.

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