Prepping Your Home to Sell in 2021: How to Attract Homebuyers

One of the most noticeable impacts of coronavirus is how it drastically changed how everything was done in 2020 – including selling a home. Due to the pandemic, many fundamental elements of real estate were changed: what’s popular in a home, how to market a home, what sellers should be doing, what showing protocols should be in place just to name a few. Now, those changes are not isolated to 2020. As we approach a new year, the new way of preparing a home to sell is here to stay, so if your 2021 plans include selling a home, it’s important to understand exactly how to attract homebuyers and how to prep your home to sell.

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Virtual Walkthrough and Tours

In an era of unprecedented lockdowns and quarantines, the ability to tour a home virtually is now a non-negotiable to attract homebuyers. Many Realtors are now offering this service as part of their listing services.  In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 66% of Realtors surveyed expect that within the next year the demand for virtual tours will increase. Promoting virtual tours can increase the online presence of a listing, as well as to increase buyer interest in a property.

woman sitting on her computer touring homes virtually 2021 home woman sitting on her computer touring homes virtually 2021 home

Tip: Relying solely on a virtual tour can be risky. It’s important sellers are utilizing professional companies that offer complete tours of the entire property and not just highlighting the positive features.

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Social Distancing Protocols

While the general rule-of-thumb when selling a home is to have as many people tour the home as possible, COVID-19 has altered this philosophy. With social distancing the new norm, it’s critical that homeowners not only keep themselves safe, but potential homebuyers too. It’s not only encouraged but becoming more prevalent for each listing to have their own COVID-19 safety protocols: limiting the size of groups allowed to view, requiring buyers to wear masks, sellers providing hand sanitizer and gloves, requiring showing agents and homebuyers to disclose COVID-19 diagnosis, providing protective shoe booties for tours to name a few.

covid-19 housing marketcovid-19 housing market

Tip: Clearly conveying protocols both in the MLS and at the property ensures everyone is on the same page. Each Realtor should convey the COVID-19 safety protocols in the MLS listing for other agents, and homeowners can display safety rules on the front door for each buyer to review before entering.

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Cleanliness and Incentives

One of the main concerns with home showings during the COVID-19 era has been keeping the home clean and sanitized. Both homebuyers and homeowners are equally concerned; however, by utilizing and marketing a clean and disinfected home is a new asset in real estate marketing. As buyers feel apprehensive moving into a home previously occupied, homeowners can minimize their apprehension by marketing a professional cleaning and disinfecting prior to closing. In addition, sellers should strongly consider having their home professionally cleaned and disinfected prior to showings and utilizing this in the home’s marketing.

Tip: Homeowners should conduct a sanitation and marketing plan with their Realtor. This is crucial during, and after, COVID-19.

Despite the changes COVID-19 has brought to the real estate industry, it has not slowed the intensity of the market. In fact, “Existing-home sales grew for the fifth consecutive month in October.” Home prices have continued to soar, as well as buyer demand. Combined with the shrinking housing inventory, it’s still a great to sell as most of the country remains in a seller’s market.

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