Sellers: These home features can help your listing get more attention

Top-searched home features

Want to spark a bidding war when you list your home? Adding a man-cave or she-shed may be able to help. According to new research, these and other alternative living spaces are some of the most-searched home features among homebuyers today.

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What buyers want

According to new research from man-caves, she-sheds, workshops, and granny pods are among the top-searched home features in the U.S. Other alternative living spaces, like “ADU, “in-law apartment,” and “barn” are also well-searched.

Alternative living terms were the top-searched home feature in 13 states, including Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, New Jersey, Montana, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Washington, and more.

A number of outdoor features were also big with recent buyers. In six states, terms like “acreage,” “fenced yard,” and “country” came in as the top-searched terms.

Here’s how Nicolas Bedo,’s economic research analyst, sums it up: “Unsurprisingly, people in many states love their privacy — acreage, fenced yard, room for horses and a country setting all make the top searched feature list. Home shoppers in six states — Alaska, Iowa, Illinois, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming — all want room to roam and some real separation from the neighbors.”

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Buyers are also into living on or near the water. In states like Arkansas, Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, Tennessee, and West Virginia, water features came up as the top searched term. These include phrases like “lake view,” “canal,” “dock,” “river,” and “lakeshore.”

Terms related to single-story homes are also popular right now.

As Bedo explains, “With a large number of baby boomers reaching retirement age, America has fallen out of love with having to climb stairs. Residents in nine states — Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Virginia — don’t want anything to do with multi-level homes. Top searches in these states include ‘first-floor master,’ ‘ranch,’ ‘rambler,’ and ‘single-level.’”

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Some states bucked trends entirely and have top-searched home features unlike any other. In Hawaii, for example, buyers are looking for “fee-simple” homes, while in Washington, D.C, they’re focused on nearby metro lines. California buyers have “solar” on the mind.

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