Guide to Small Business Startup Loans

It takes money to make money and virtually any small business will require some startup capital to get up and running. While the personal savings of the founders is likely the most common source of startup funding, many startups also … Continue reading →

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Have We Seen The End of Record Low Rates?

While it might not seem like the sort of thing mortgage rates should care about, the senate run-off election in Georgia was by far and away this week’s most important event. This wasn’t a surprise either. In fact, interest rates have been bracing for this potential impact since the inconclusive results in early November. But why do rates care about politics? Actually, they don’t! Not too much, anyway. Rates care about the prices and yields of certain bonds in the bond market above all else. Bond prices can take a variety of cues, but the most basic and most objective input is that of supply and demand. Supply and demand can be influenced by several underlying factors. For instance, the Fed currently buys more than $100 billion in bonds each month. That has a huge impact on the demand side of

Rates Rising Quickly, But The Truly Scary Stuff is For Another Day And Another Reason

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Mortgage rates went to bed last night knowing they were at risk of a volatile day today. Georgia’s senate race has been in focus for 2 months now because it had the chance to change the balance of power in congress. With both seats flipping from red to blue, that’s exactly what happened today. While the election results have only been confirmed for about an hour, the bond market (which underlies interest rate movement) was already bracing for impact in the middle of the night. Specifically, bond yields (aka “rates”) were already quite a bit higher by the time the election was finalized this afternoon. When the bond market deteriorates (aka, moves lower in price and higher in yield), mortgage rates are typically rising at a similar pace. Does the mortgage market r eally care that much about…(read more)

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