Thinking of Selling Your Commercial Property? Here are 5 Improvements That Can Help Increase Your Return

homeowners get ready to sell their property, they often spruce it up to improve
curb appeal to make the home more marketable.

vary widely and may not be right for every property. But here are five that might
help yield the highest ROI on resale:

  • Increase occupancy. This is probably the
    most important way to help increase value. A higher rent roll can make the
    property worth more.
  • Update amenities. Having in-demand
    amenities such as a coffee shop, event space or walking trails may make an
    office building more desirable and improve the return on sale.
  • Increase NOI. Since commercial properties
    are valued by their NOI, if you improve NOI, you may get a higher return on
    sale. Improving the project’s energy efficiency can reduce utility costs and
    improve NOI. You can also add additional revenue streams like valet trash.  
  • Improve curb appeal. A fresh coat of
    paint can yield a huge bang for the buck, as can new landscaping.
  • Improve kitchens and baths. In
    multifamily properties, this will allow you to raise rents, which can increase
    the value on resale.

Owners of commercial real estate should make their properties more attractive to buyers. Implementing these five improvements will not only help your property sell faster but, potentially, at a higher price.